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Different from traditional producers who make products and let customers to choose from, we do it in the opposite way: here, you ARE the designer and we make what you want. Currently we focus on jewelries and we will add more categories such as artwork, cloths, furniture, etc...

Our talented artists and professional workers will make the designing process very easy for you. You just need to submit an image and let us know what product you want and we will do all of the rest for you.

For example, you sent us a photo of your dog Simpson and want a pendant with Simpson's figure and name on it. First, we will do 3D computer sculpturing to make a digital model of Simpson. Then we will print it out and make a mold. Finally we will cast metal into the mold, carve the name on it, polish it and send it to you!

Please note that 3D sculpturing is much more complicated and time consuming than 2D carving, because it can only be manually done by talented and experienced designer. Simple words or patterns may take 1-2 hours but complicated figures may take 1-2 working days. However, if the model is for a large non-profit organizations such as schools or military units, your account can be updated to a VIP account and the modeling fee will be waived.

Once a model is available, you can easily apply it to different bases and make unlimited types of products, such a pendant, a medal, a tag, a key chain ... etc. In additional, you can share your model with others and if your designs are statutory, novel, and non-obvious, you will own the patent and can charge a patent fee from anyone who used it!

Now, what can you do with the products? If you want them for personal use, we will keep it private and no others can access to your submitted image, model and products. If you want to resell them in your own store, you can just place orders and we will make and ship them to you. You can also choose to list your products on our website, and we will take care of ads, customer service, producing and shipping! You can set a patent fee for the models that you've created and once a product was sold on our website, a patent fee will be automatically deposited into your account.

In addition to designing, you can also search and shop for products designed by others, just like shopping on any traditional shopping websites.

Finally, we provide an excellent coupon code system. If you've spent more than 100 US dollars, your account will be promoted to a VIP account and you will have a unique lifelong coupon code. Anyone including yourself using this code will get 10% discount on shopping. You can share this code with others, and anyone using it you can also receive a 5% share!

Thanks for reading and welcome to the world of CusCreations!!