Small Melusine Solid 925 Sterling Silver Pisces Twin Fish Zodiac Birthday Gift Charm Or Pendant


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This fine jewelry is made from genuine solid 925 silver, not cheap metal like pewter or brass that can make your skin green and itchy. It can preserve its beauty and value after years or generations. Perfect choice as a wonderful gift or for personal use!

Small charm, made of solid 925 sterling silver, designed by Melusine jewelry company.

If you feel it is too shiny, just keep wearing it for some time and silver will tarnish; if you want to make it shiny again, you can use silver polishing cream or cloth. Never touch strong chemicals such as bleach, otherwise silver will change color.

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Please pay close attention to size, weight and photos. Inside markings and patterns of a ring may be not clear due to the hammering when it was made.

Weight: 1.1 grams

Measurement (inches): 1/2 inch tall

How does the weight feel? 12 very heavy.

Your happiness is more important than money. I am a very nice seller doing my best. If I forgot something or something was wrong, please be kind to contact me first and I will fix it :-)

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